Multichannel amplifier 12x50W
€1,399.00 / Piece


The AMP1250 is a multichannel amplifier allowing you to control 12 (mono) or 6 (stereo) loudspeakers (zones). Every stereo loudspeaker zone is allocated the generous power capacity of 2 x 50 watt. It is also possible to use the amplifier in a bridged configuration which allows you to draw on 6 x 100 watt of power. The AMP1250 is perfectly capable of serving as a central power unit for an existing multiroom sound system, but may also be used as a stand-alone. This allows you to listen to one designated tuner, CD, mp3 player, etc. in different rooms and using local volume controls (see page 55) you can adjust the sound as you like. What's also nice to know is that the the management circuit will automatically turn on or off the amplifier levels when a signal comes in. And of course, the unit is very wellprotected.


Reference AMP1250B
Frequency range 20Hz - 20kHz
Dimensions 132 x 435 x 301mm (h x w x d)
Weight/piece 16kg
AUX input Yes
Output power 12 x 50W (bridged 6 X 100W)
REC output Yes

Specific References

Reference AMP1250B
ean13 5420020102433